SW investment philosophy is based on opportunities that do not depend on a particular economic environment or a rising real estate market. Instead, SW capitalizes on asset types with increasing demand that can be sustained (or converted) even in the face of a recession or general decline in real estate values. SW achieve this by concentrating on property types whose demand is driven by major demographic trends. These persistent trends ensure consistent and enduring demand for certain types of real estate regardless of the condition of the overall economy. By thoughtfully capitalizing on these trends, SW helps its clients enjoy downside protection throughout economic cycles.

While SW believes that ESG factors can enhance long-term value, SW does not exclusively pursue an ESG-based investment strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria or standards, except with respect to products or strategies that are explicitly designated as doing so in their offering documents or other applicable governing documents. Any such considerations do not qualify our objectives to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

SW breadth of experience and industry insight enables it to deliver value-added services, from strategy and execution through integration and divestiture. SW’s M&A specialists have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the merger and acquisitions process. SW helps clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their objectives, so they’ll be better prepared to capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process. Providing the right M&A advice at the right juncture can make all the difference. 

From strategy to due diligence to integration or divestiture, SW recommends its established strategies and M&A solutions to help provide the confidence and support that discerning clients need to achieve their unique growth objectives.

Technology is at the core of everything SW does. 

Technology is most impactful when it serves a direct purpose for our people and our clients. SW aims to deliver streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable data, and greater access to information – all in the time and format that our clients need.


As a multi-brand owner in the space, SW understands the necessity of predictive investing combined with Saas innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to AI and robotics integration, we are a market leader in employee satisfaction-driven initiatives. These remain key and  core to our portfolio operations.


In the healthcare industry, a lease and development strategy can be a useful way for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to expand their facilities and services without incurring the high upfront costs of building or purchasing new properties.

The benefits of this strategy include the ability to expand and improve healthcare facilities without the significant upfront costs of purchasing property or building new facilities. It also allows the organization to customize the facility to meet its specific needs and requirements.

At SW, the lease and development strategy we utilize is a proven and straightforward way for healthcare organizations to expand and improve their facilities, while mitigating the potential risks commonly inherent to this type of arrangement.


SW uses an actuarial approach to create an integrated perspective that enables clients to proceed or exit negotiations with confidence. 

SW understands the discriminating mindset required for effective diligence, and brings analytical rigor, independence, and a vast range of industry and functional expertise to the painstaking work of vetting a prospective buyout target or investment opportunity.

With significant SW capital already deployed in the M&A space, SW understands the diligence process personally.