Robert Wright

Global Policy Advisor​

Robert Wright holds a BS degree in Earth Science from Framingham State University, an MS Degree in Space Systems Operations from Naval Post Graduate School, and a Business Finance Minor from Cornell. He was commissioned in February 1978, designated Naval Aviator in 1979 and designated Information Dominance Warfighter in 2011.
He had numerous deployments flying fighter aircraft and multiple command tours with the Space and Network Warfare Program, ultimately nominated
as Program Director 2003–2005. He deployed with his Command Element to the Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa 2006-2008. 
Upon his return from Africa, he was selected for Flag Rank and served as Deputy Commander, U.S. SECOND Fleet where he directed an extensive Navy program to establish a global network of Maritime Operations Centers. In April 2010, he reported to U.S. Fleet Forces Command for his final assignment as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff. During this tour, he directed merger analysis for the largest merger in modern Navy history which integrated U.S. SECOND Fleet into U.S. Fleet Forces Command. 
He retired from naval service in September 2012 and now serves as CEO of Argus AI Systems, a company focused on artificial intelligence and applications of intelligent systems.